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With more than a decade's worth of combat sports training and competitive experience under their belts, you can be well assured that you are in safe hands when you attend our classes.


Head Coach

A former undefeated professional athlete in ONE Championship, Niko brings his all-encompassing expertise in Mixed Martial Arts (including Muay Thai) to both the cage & coaching arena. Renowned for his versatility & adaptability, Niko seamlessly imparts his knowledge to students of all ages, interest levels, & physical capabilities.

A dynamic coach, Niko employs an inclusive teaching approach, making martial arts accessible even to those with chronic health issues & old injuries. His commitment to personalized instruction ensures that every student, regardless of their background, can engage & excel in their martial arts journey.

Discover the unique blend of experience and adaptability as Niko guides you through the world of Mixed Martial Arts, offering a safe & supportive environment for individuals to thrive and grow.

Classes Taught:

  • Muay Thai

  • MMA

  • No-Gi Grappling

  • Wrestling

  • Boxing


Achievements & Certifications

Notable Competitive Achievements :

  • 2019 One Championship: Roots of Honor (MMA)

  • 2019 Singapore Wrestling Nationals (Greco Roman Wrestling) – Champion

  • 2017 Singapore Wrestling Nationals (Greco Roman Wrestling) – Champion

  • 2016 One Championship: Defending Honor (MMA)

  • 2016 Jesselton Fight League (MMA)

  • 2016 Fight Evolution 2 (Boxing)

  • 2014 Ultimate Beatdown 13 (MMA)

  • 2013 Rebel Fighting Championship: The Next Generation (MMA)

  • 2013 Ultimate Beatdown 12 (MMA)

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