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Based in Singapore, NEW ERA MMA & Cubs Combat School offer high quality & affordable Mixed Martial Arts classes for kids & adults of all skill levels, with a mission to make combat sports accessible to everyday people from all walks of life. At NEW ERA MMA & Cubs Combat School, you'll find a welcoming & supportive community where everyone feels comfortable & supported.

We believe that MMA is more than just a sport; it is a way of life. That's why we focus on teaching our students not only the physical skills of MMA, but also important values & attributes such as discipline, respect, & confidence that comes with combat sports training.


If you're looking for a world-class MMA experience, look no further! Sign up for a class today & see what we're all about!


The Mighty Eagle: one of the most formidable birds of prey in existence. It is a representation of our goal for all our students to develop the confidence to achieve anything they wish to do in & out of the gym, mat, ring, & cage through combat sports training. Highly regal in nature as well, it is our mission to develop students & athletes to take pride in honing their skills & craft, respecting the sport by putting in the hard work & discipline, in order to achieve the best version of themselves & soar to greater heights.

The koala is a widely used symbol in many children's products all over the world. Despite its cute, cuddly, and laid back nature in the animal kingdom, it is a rarely known fact that koalas can fight too! A very apt mascot (fondly named as Lee Xiao Xiong) for Cubs Combat School, where we specialize in Youth classes, we strongly believe in creating a conducive learning environment for all youths to express their individuality, as well as for the adults & seniors in the family to embrace their youthfulness through combat sports training! You can count on us to guide you to harness your inner potential and achieving the best version of yourselves.


NEW ERA MMA & Cubs Combat School pride ourselves in developing not just technical skills, but more importantly shaping our students' characters and imparting positive social values and attributes. Our 3 Core Values include:

  • COURAGE : The fundamental attribute required to start any new activity or to overcome any challenges that stands in your way.

  • COMMITMENT : To be able to stay dedicated to the task and be motivated to follow through what you have started in order to achieve growth and success.

  • CHARACTER : Once you're able to stick to the task you've started, that is when a resilient character start to develop, as well as discipline, respect, and humility; all of which are important values that are useful in your daily life.



A trailblazer in community services through combat sports, Cubs Combat School has been a regular befriender of marginalized communities, mainly the elderly, by using our coaching & technical skills as a form of outreach to touch the lives of the aged community living in our midst. Through our social project, Cubs Care, we believe that combat sports should be inclusive and has the ability to empower the vulnerable.

Our  beneficiaries include clients from Dementia Singapore & Assisi Hospice.

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