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With more than a decade's worth of combat sports training and competitive experience under their belts, you can be well assured that you are in safe hands when you attend our classes.


Kids Head Coach, Muay Thai

Caryl, a dedicated figure in the amateur combat sports scene for nearly a decade, seamlessly blends her passion for training & competition with coaching expertise since 2016. As one of the Founders of NEW ERA MMA & Cubs Combat School, who is also our esteemed Muay Thai & Kids' Coach, Caryl strongly believes in the holistic benefits of combat sports for individuals of all ages.

Her vision extends beyond the ring, aiming to cultivate an inclusive & supportive community at NEW ERA MMA & Cubs Combat School. Caryl provides a secure space for everyone, including kids, adults, & even retirees/elderly individuals, to embrace combat sports. Expect her training sessions to not only focus on imparting valuable technical skills but also instill positive values & attributes. The environment she creates is both safe & enjoyable, fostering confidence & holistic character development.

As an NROC & MOE-registered coach, Caryl extends her impact beyond the school walls through regular volunteer work. Collaborating with institutions like Dementia SG, she utilizes her combat sports skills to empower the most vulnerable members of our society, including the elderly.

Classes Taught :

  • Ladies' Punch Hour

  • Muay Thai

  • Kids Classes: Muay Thai, MMA, Grappling (BJJ/Wrestling)


Achievements & Certifications

otable Competitive Achievements :

  • 2023 Singapore Jiu-Jitsu Opens White Belt u48 Category - Gold Medal

  • 2022 Copa Da Malasia BJJ White Belt u48 Category - Gold Medal

  • 2019 Singapore Fighting Championships Amateur Women's MMA

  • 2018 SEA Championships Women's Pankration - Champion

  • 2017 & 2018 Sanshou National Trials - Champion

  • 2017 Singapore Wrestling Development Team

  • 2014-2016 Amateur Muay Thai Athlete

Certifications :

  • NROC Coach (Wrestling)

  • MOE-Registered Coach

  • First Aid Certified

Media Appearances :

  • 2018 Starhub TV "向世界挑战" - Wrestling Episode with Apple Chan

  • 2016 Starhub TV "Challenge Accepted" - MMA Episode with Paul Foster

  • 2014 Channel 8 "Star Day Off" - Episode 8 with Shane Pow

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